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ClimateImpactsOnline provides information on the possible impacts of climate change in the Amazon region.

About 60% of the Amazon rainforest area is located in Brazil, which plays a central role for the country's nature, people and economy. Increasing deforestation, droughts and fires in recent years threaten the Amazon rainforest. Climate change is likely to exacerbate the negative impacts of the regularly recurring El Niño phenomenon (storms, extreme precipitation, plankton die-off, drought) and affect agriculture and fisheries. In Brazil, therefore, the climatic and hydrological models produced in the B-EPICC project aim to address these challenges and could provide an important basis for climate-resilient adaptation measures. In particular, the issues of sustainable water management and climate-resilient agriculture are key to ensuring food security at the local level. It is also important to explore the potential of reforestation projects as an alternative source of income for farmers to provide them with longer-term livelihood prospects. The B-EPICC project project is dedicated to promote climate adaptation in Brazil until the end of 2023.

Additional information on cities locations, water bodies at different administrative level is available to understand the local impacts.

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